Collecting online donations can prove to be a financially beneficial choice for your church or non-profit organization. But now that money’s in the bank the accounting starts… Yey. This blog will show you how you can keep your books on track while using Where I Give.

Utilizing the Daily Report…

One of the great administrator features about Where I Give is the Daily Report. The Daily Report is emailed to account administrators each day a new donation is submitted, or when a donation has completed processing and is getting ready to be deposited. When used in conjunction with the administrator reports available in the Where I Give interface, the Daily Report can help keep treasurers on track with book-keeping balances.

Daily Reports are split into two sections: “New Item: eCheck” and “Update: eCheck – Paid.” From here on out I will refer to these two sections as the “New Item” and “Paid” sections.


The “New Item” section…

Below you will see an example of the “New Item” section on a Daily Report.


In this example we see that six donations were submitted via Where I Give on October 7th. This information lets you know that the Where I Give web application has successfully submitted these donations to the processor, and that the processor will begin processing these transactions. You may notice that while the names of the donors and the amount of their donations are listed, the Category toward which they donated, is not. That is because this report comes separately from the processing company, and not from Where I Give. This report works as a “check and balance” system to ensure that the Where I Give application is successfully communicating the transactions to the processing company.


The “Paid” section…

Below you will see an example of the “Paid” section on a Daily Report.


In this example we see that the same six transactions shown in the “New Item” example above have now completed the processing phase and are ready to be deposited into the organization’s account. When you receive this information from the “Paid” section of the Daily Report, you know that this money will be deposited into your organization’s bank account the next business day. The “Paid” section depicts the exact dollar figure that will be deposited into your organization’s bank account. In this case, when we look at the right side of the data, focusing on “ACH Deposit” heading, we see that a total sum of $237.75 was donated via six Where I Give transactions (the “Check Paid column). Because ACH donations made via Where I Give are always only 37¢, we can deduct that the $2.22 fee listed under the “Fees Paid” column represents the six donations made multiplied by 37¢ (6 x 37¢ = $2.22). After subtracting the $2.22 fee from the cumulative donation amount of $237.75, we get the “Total Paid” amount of $235.53. This is the exact deposit number you will see listed on your organization’s bank ledger for the next business day corresponding with the date listed on your Daily Report. In this case the Daily Report’s date was October 11th, but the bank deposit was made to our church on October 14th because October 12 & 13 were a Saturday & Sunday which are not considered “business days.”


Using the Daily Report in conjunction with the Where I Give Admin report…

Below you will see a corresponding screenshot taken from a Where I Give admin report.


If you are looking at the Daily Report and would like to know which Category a donor contributed towards you can always consult the Admin Reports in the Where I Give interface. The screenshot above shows the transactions that match those listed in the Daily Report examples. Not only does this report show me the Category donated towards, but it shows me (just like the Daily Report) the 37¢ fee that is deducted at the time of the transaction and does the math that results in the actual total, per transaction, that will end up being deposited into the organization’s bank account once processing has run its course.


Recap: The purpose of the Daily Report…

…is to act as a “check and balance” against the Where I Give reports, as well as to provide you with a report that shows the batch total that will be deposited into your organization’s bank account, and the individual transactions that make up that total. Using the Daily Report in conjunction with Where I Give’s Admin Reports should solve any accounting questions that may arise.