Introducing the latest Where I Give feature upgrade! Transaction splits!

Up until now, if you wanted to donate towards more than one category you would have to submit multiple transactions. Not any more. We’ve added a slick new “split” button that will allow you to split your transaction up as many ways as you want. (See image below)


Clicking on the “split” button will allow you to add additional transactions. When the “split” button is clicked, additional “amount” and “category” selectors are added below. When the amount and category are added and selected for the split, Where I Give automatically adds each of the splits together, and totals it at the bottom of the transaction. (see image below)


As you can see in the image above, the transaction has been split twice, resulting in a total of three donations toward three separate categories: $100.00 towards Tithes, $50.00 towards Offering, and $50.00 towards the Missions category. Where I Give automatically adds those three totals together and provides the correct sum of $200.00. This allows you to submit all of your giving with one easy click!

Eliminating a split is just as easy. Simply click the dark “X” icon to the right of the split (next to the category). This will eliminate the split and result in a new, corrected donation total at the bottom.

Account Administrators: It’s imperative for reporting and processing reasons that we keep each of the categorical donations separate on the back side of things. That means that there is still a $.37 fee per categorical donation, just as there always has been. The transaction split feature has been implemented for ease-of-use purposes for the front end user.

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