So you’ve signed your organization up for a Where I Give account, and received your email confirmation that your account has successfully been created – what next?

The next step is to promote your new ability to accept online transactions to your organization! But before you do any promoting there are a couple of things that you’ll want to make sure you do first.

Make it easy for the members of your organization to get to your Where I Give URL.

When you (the administrator) signed your organization up for a Where I Give account you were asked to select a specific URL for your organization.

This unique URL serves as a gateway for your organization to collect online donations, so it’s important to make that gateway easily accessible to your potential contributors. I’ve found that the best way to do this is to create a button on your website that links to your specific Where I Give URL.

In the example below (I will be using my church as an example), I created a button on the menu bar at the top of the page that says “Give Online,” and have hooked that button up to my church’s Where I Give URL. This makes online giving quick and easy for those wishing to make a donation. If you need help doing this on your site contact your webmaster or the company that designed your website and ask them to make this change for you. It will make all the difference in the world!


Another way you can make it easy for people to access your Where I Give URL is to hook it up to a banner or advertisement on your website. As you can see in the example above, I have created a large banner that advertises online giving. Like the button example, this banner is linked directly to our church’s Where I Give URL, making it extremely easy for people find and then make a donation. Again, if you need help with this, contact the person/company in charge of managing your website. This is very easy to do.

“What if my organization doesn’t have a website?” It’s a valid question. Did you know that your organization doesn’t need to have a web presence in order to utilize Where I Give? When you sign up with us, we create a custom URL for your organization.

A third way to can distribute your organization’s Where I Give URL is via email. Simply copy and paste your Where I Give URL into an email and zip it off to the members of your organization. You’ll have donations rolling in in no time!


Familiarize yourself with Where I Give.

We’ve done our very best to make sure that Where I Give is as simple to use as possible, but that doesn’t mean that people won’t have questions. As the administrator, you will be the one folks come to with questions. If you haven’t done so yet, take a couple minutes to watch our short tutorial videos. They will explain everything that you need to know to help get a user account set up, make a donation, access reports, etc.

Beyond user accounts and making donations, it’s important to understand how Where I Give works. Where I Give utilizes ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions. This means that the total amount of time for the money to leave the account of the donor, go through the bank’s verification process, and then get deposited into your organization’s account is approximately three business days.

Having answers to the typical questions that come with something new and something financial will generally help instill confidence in the minds of those who will be donating to your organization. Be familiar with Where I Give.


I’ve done all that! How do I promote Where I Give?

I’ve found that the best way to promote Where I Give is live and in person. Emails, information, and instructions are nice, but when I want to learn something new, I like to be shown.

Here’s what I did: I took 5 minutes on a Sunday morning, put our church website up on the projector, and made a $200 donation right there in front of everyone. This enabled me to show our church members how to access Where I Give (the “Give Online” button that we created earlier), how to log in, where to go to make a donation once I’ve logged in, and how to make a donation. What it also did was instill confidence in them. “If Pastor was willing to donate $200 of his own dollars, then this whole new-fangled Where I Give thing must be safe.”

Taking that 5 minutes and making that one donation really helped get the ball rolling for my church, and I know that it will do the same for your organization!

Another way to promote Where I Give is to keep the idea of online giving a centerpiece when your organization gathers for meetings. For instance, every Sunday morning when I take up the offering, I always mention that people can donate to our church via our website. That way I’m continually promoting the fact that our church offers the convenience (because that’s what it is) of online giving; people can give whenever, wherever, however.

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