Myth #1 – Online giving is expensive.

Truth: If you’re accepting all manners of credit cards (and accepting the fees associated with them) then I would agree. Thankfully, there is an alternative called Automated Clearing House (ACH). Where I Give primarily uses ACH to process online transactions because ACH allows us to sidestep the credit card companies and the high fees that they charge per transaction. This allows us to charge a 37ยข flat fee on every/any transaction up to $1000 (this security ceiling can be raised on a per account basis). This keeps your fees affordable, and keeps you away from the high fees that discourage churches and non-profit organizations from accepting online donations.


Myth #2 – Credit Cards are the way to go.

Truth: Thankfully, there are other more cost effective ways to accept online donations. Where I Give encourages our users to try the ACH model because of how cost effective it is. This “credit cards are the way to go” myth could’ve been propagated by another myth: “Everyone has a credit card.” This is also untrue.

Many churches and debt counseling organizations have hosted seminars encouraging their members to cut up their credit cards and stay away from the credit game. So, by only accepting credit cards you could be limiting the number of people who can give to your organization online. After all, don’t you first need a bank account to get a credit card…?


Myth #3 – Credit Cards are the most convenient way to donate online.

Truth: While credit cards are convenient, and are a viable source of income for online organizations, we’ve found that utilizing ACH transactions is not only more cost effective, but proves to be equally convenient. For instance, when a new user signs up for a Where I Give account, they are prompted to input their bank account and routing numbers. Upon entering and saving that information into our safe and secure servers, the user never again needs to input their financial information, thus making it easy, quick, and convenient to log on and make a donation to your organization.


Myth #4 – Your organization needs a website to start collecting online donations.

Truth: When your church or non-profit organization signs up for a Where I Give account it’s issued its very own URL (web address) that can be utilized in a church bulletin, organizational handout, or newsletter to direct your constituents to your organization’s Where I Give web address. Therefore, needing a website or online presences in unnecessary because we cover that for you. Having a Where I Give account means having your very own URL that is safe and secure; a place where your constituents can go and donate online without the need of an organizational website.


There are a lot of myths out there regarding online give…

…but here’s the truth. Whether using Where I Give or another online giving option, you are increasing the overall total of people able to donate to your organization from the number of your current constituency to the entire world! It’s a NO BRAINER! Not only does online giving represent the future, but it’s a great way to capture the financial potential of your organization.

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* Where I Give does offer a credit card module that organizations can upgrade to if they wish. Currently, we’ve pulled the module offline while we negotiate for a better rate for our users. Where I Give is committed to offering our users the most affordable online giving options we can.